Kokoro – Character Development




Shoshin Ryu is…

Learning how not to hurt others;

How not to be hurt by others;

How to be responsible for one’s own happiness and harmony. 

Kokoro (heart) is what sets Shoshin Ryu apart from other martial arts. It is the warrior-monk aspect of training.

The Shoshin Ryu practitioner is someone who not only trains to perfect their physical technique but also seeks internal growth as well. Years of training will result in increased patience, compassion, and a greater awareness of self.

How does martial arts training lead to character development? 

To an uneducated observer watching a Shoshin Ryu class for the first time, the training might appear that students are actually learning to harm others with the use of wrist locks and breaks, arm bars, strikes, kicks etc. In reality, students are learning how to defend themselves, which is very different than simply fighting or hurting another just for the sake of it.

Advanced students are capable of utilizing their skills on an attacker, however they also understand that with greater skill comes greater responsibility.

This deeper understanding of personal growth and awareness is at the heart of the Kokoro series of Shoshin Ryu.