Atemi – Kata / Strikes / Blocks / Kicks


Technique overview

What is Atemi?

Atemi waza (striking techniques) are taught to Shoshin Ryu practitioners so they have the ability to deal effectively with attacks from all directions and at all ranges.

Categories of atemi include:

  1. stances
  2. strikes (hand / elbow / fist)
  3. blocks
  4. kicks

Kihon waza (moving basics) helps student move from one strike to another with power, speed and accuracy. These basics are put into practice in kata (forms) which is the traditional way of incorporating breath, vision and efficient use of energy.

Kihon waze are also expressed through Goshinjutsu (self defense techniques) as students learn how to move and deliver strikes accurately and powerfully through a would be attacker.

The essential aspect of atemi waza is kime (focus). Shoshin Ryu students learn to focus his or her energy on specific targets so they can do as much damage as possible to an attacker.